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When I started seeing Margaret in September 2013 I was experiencing many issues with anxiety and low-self-esteem.

Rather than simply suggesting ways to deal with the issues, Margaret’s person-centred approach encouraged me to explore these issues to find out where they had come from and how I could develop strategies and ways of thinking in order to deal with them.

Margaret dealt with me in a compassionate, empathetic and positive manner which allowed me to discuss personal issues in an environment where I felt completely comfortable and safe.

After four months of sessions with Margaret I feel that my inner strength has improved greatly. I feel calmer and much more comfortable in my own skin. Although I know that my anxiety and self-esteem continue to be a work in progress, I also know that thanks to Margaret’s help and support I am able to move forward with my life in a much more positive manner and feel equipped to deal with issues if and when they arise. 

Thank you Margaret.


I first came to see Margaret in March of 2013 when my personal life was in tatters after the breakdown of a 20 year marriage. Over the following 9 months her caring person-centred counselling has been a literal life-saver. It amazes me how much detail Margaret remembers about key events and people in my life. She has supported me throughout my times of emotional crisis and helped me move forward by discovering the inner strength and insight to find a sustainably more peaceful, calm and relaxed way of a life. I am forever in her debt. Thank you Margaret.


I started seeing Margaret because I was struggling with low self esteem and anxiety.  There were long standing issues that were exasperated by a relationship breakdown.  Through my sessions with Margaret I was able to explore the causes of these issues, methods to cope with them and also how to work through them to find my happiness. I am now in a much better place and thank Margaret for giving me the support and help that I needed when I felt most worthless and lost.

If anyone is reading this and thinks that this isn't for them, I would say 'do it'. I'm a skeptical person, which Margret and I would joke about, but I am transformed by my hard work and Margaret's experience, skill and understanding.  She has made a huge difference in my life and I will always be thankful for that.



I write to thank you for your understanding of my personal 'depressive tendencies ', and for all your advice and guidance towards my current well being.
Your personal counselling has helped me to understand my life in a better mindset and I really appreciate the content of our discussions going forward.
As you know, I am intent to see if I can help others through their 'dark times' and your experience / knowledge will help me in the future.
I enjoyed our discussions and will miss them, but I have to move forward and hopefully maintain my mental equilibrium !
Thank you again Margaret
Alan B



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