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Relationship problems


Sometimes family relationships are difficult, and it seems impossible to see eye to eye – perhaps with your parents, sister or brother – or perhaps a workmate or friend. It can help to talk around the problem, and to find a new approach that will enable you to communicate more effectively, or perhaps to find the courage to be true to yourself and ask for your needs to be respected and understood.

In a marriage or committed sexual relationship, communication can break down until you feel as if you are ‘separate but together’ and wondering how you lost the connection you once had. In many situations, it is possible to work your way back to a more real, loving and meaningful relationship, even in cases where a partner has had an affair and it seems that trust has been lost. You may be struggling to trust again, or to win back the other person’s trust and try to rebuild your life together. Learning how to communicate in a way that reaches and makes sense to your partner is possible, even if you are now in a place where you almost feel that you speak two different languages.

I do not work with couples, but with individuals

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