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Person Centred Counselling

Person centred counselling is a process in which, as a therapist, I do my very best to provide you with the conditions you need to be able to talk freely and fearlessly, to feel safe and understood, to grow towards a greater degree of honesty with yourself and more certainty about your feelings and needs. In this process I offer you warmth, respect and a genuine wish to help you find what is right for you - not necessarily what you might think you 'should' do to satisfy other people's expectations. I will not judge, diagnose, label or directively advise you, but I will help and support you in finding your own truth, which I believe you know better than anyone else. It is called person centred counselling because it is built around this belief that we are all unique, and that you are the greatest expert on yourself - therefore you do not need someone to define what is 'wrong with you' or to direct your actions and choices - but you may need support while you find out what your real feelings and needs are.

There are other types of counselling. If you want to read more about how person centred counselling came into being, and how it differs from other approaches, go to


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