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Hypnotherapy can help you to challenge deeply ingrained negative beliefs about yourself and the world, which are getting in the way of your achievements or your enjoyment of life. Our conscious mind will often reject any idea that challenges these unhelpful old beliefs [which usually originate in childhood].

However, when we relax into a light trance, our subconscious mind more easily accepts new and positive beliefs on a deeper level. This can help with self esteem, self confidence and many other issues.

Trance is a perfectly natural state that we all go into several times a day, in which our brain waves are different and more conducive to accepting positive beliefs or suggestions. By listening to you describing what you would like to achieve or to change, I can tailor a hypnosis session individually just for you.

Hypnotic trance is a safe and relaxing state. It does not feel like being asleep. You are aware of what is happening, and you are in control of how deeply you allow yourself to go into trance. You also choose the suggestions you want, and the deeper you go, the more helpful it becomes. Usually, people find that with practice they are able to go deeper each session, and find it a pleasant and relaxing experience.

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