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Difficult decisions

Sometimes a decision is very difficult to handle on your own. You may be faced with two or more choices, all of which seem to carry a penalty – especially when other people’s interests are affected. Here are some examples: “Should I move my family to a new area so I can do a job in which I earn more money? My wife would have to leave her job and all her friends, and her parents who live near us. My children would have to be disrupted in their schooling and leave their friends and grandparents.” “I really want to go to college now the children are at school, but I’d have to leave my job and we would have less money coming in”. “I want to tell my parents that I’m gay and that I’m moving in with my partner, but I don’t know how they will react.” Talking to yourself in your own head can feel like a dead end, because you only have your own perspective to work with, and you may feel overwhelmed by fears of what may go wrong with any choices you make, until you no longer trust yourself to decide.


Talking within the confidence and safety of counselling can help enormously with situations like this, because a counsellor has no agenda other than helping and supporting you in finding the decision that is right for you. It becomes easier to see the issues clearly and make your best judgement, however impossible that seemed before.


You may feel “stuck” in your life, knowing that something is missing or something needs to be resolved, or just have a vague feeling of sadness or anger without knowing where it comes from. Sometimes you may remember an event that caused you pain, and find that it keeps surfacing and intruding on your peace of mind; but you have never been able to talk to anyone about it, release the feelings around it and put it in place.  Having another perspective than your own in counselling can enable you to discover more about yourself and your feelings and to find a new direction that satisfies your real needs. Contact me today for a no obligation chat.






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