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CBT [cognitive behaviour therapy]

CBT is based on the concept that it is our thoughts which drive our emotions, and the end result is our behaviour and the outcome of that behaviour [which may not be what we want]. That unwanted outcome feeds more unhelpful thoughts and uncomfortable emotions [and can reinforce beliefs that are distorted or untrue, yet FEEL true [e.g. "Nobody likes me" or "I can't succeed at anything" and so the 'vicious cycle' continues.

By changing the way we think about things we can also change our feelings and behaviours - and this can lead to the outcome that we do want. It is not an event that causes us to feel afraid or upset, but the meaning we place on it, and CBT can help to change this so that we have more resources to cope with situations in life, and feel more in control about how we choose to respond to them.

CBT offers a set of tools and techniques that can be used in a very practical way to enable you to change the way you manage your life, and to make permanent positive changes that you decide you want to make. I am here to show you the tools, help you to work with me through the process and to monitor your own visible progress. With CBT there are action steps or activities that I will ask you to do between sessions [typically for 6 to 8 weeks]. We decide on those together, so that you create your own treatment plan together with me, and give me feedback on what works best for you.

CBT can help with depression, anxiety, OCD, and many other issues in which you know what you want to change.

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