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Domestic Abuse


Abuse in a relationship can become a daily normality for the victim. If you have been suffering from this for a long time, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that any form of abuse [physical, mental, emotional, financial or sexual] is unacceptable. Domestic abuse is far more than just physical violence. If you are being verbally abused, threatened, called names,  humiliated, or undermined in front of your children, the damage may not be visible but its effects can be much deeper and last much longer. You may even doubt that it counts as abuse, or think that it is your fault – and an abuser will often try to convince you that you have ‘made them do it’. Nobody deserves abuse, or causes abuse. You do not have to put up with it. Speaking about it in a safe space and in complete confidence is the first step towards eliminating abuse from your life, and you will be supported in making your own decisions through this process. Please contact me today with no obligation if you need help to break free from abuse in your life.


Childhood Abuse


Childhood abuse can be the hardest thing to speak to anyone about. Abusers often threaten terrible things to intimidate their victims into silence, and adult survivors of abuse often carry the burden of shame that does not belong to them, feeling that they want to be invisible and avoiding situations they should be able to enjoy, or situations where success might bring them attention. It can affect every area of your life every day. It can lead to chronic fatigue, illness, depression and nightmares. Being able to speak out about it safely and in confidence, to someone who respects you, and believes you are telling the truth, is a relief. From there,  many new decisions are possible which can finally lift this burden from you and allow you to live a happier and fuller life, even if you have never believed before that this was possible. Please contact me today in complete confidence for a no obligation chat.


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