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My work


I have been in private practice for 4 years - 2 years in Morecambe and 2 years here in Lancaster. Prior to that I counselled for Preston Domestic Violence Services, and later voluntarily counselled for the Morecambe homeless charity West End Impact. In addition to my private work, I counsel voluntarily at the Neuro Drop-In Centre in Lancaster.

Before becoming a therapist I lived a varied life with different occupations, including caring for people with dementia, caring for the disabled, voluntary work with the mental health charity MIND, voluntary teaching, studying for a degree in English Literature, the hospitality industry, administration, running a pub and cleaning. I've had my share of challenges and problems, and in working through these I have learned as much as I learned from studying and training.


How I work


I believe that deep down we always know what is wrong and what we need. I do my best to offer the quiet, private and safe space you need in which to search for your own answers - with respect, warmth and support. In therapy people do not need to be labelled, diagnosed or told what to do. In my experience every person has the courage to make desired changes, and every person has enormous inner resources they are not yet aware of. It is a joy and a privilege to witness a person not only discovering their qualities and strengths, but coming to respect and appreciate themselves in a new way through therapy.

I offer person-centred counselling, CBT and hypnotherapy. After listening to you to gain a perspective on the problems you're experiencing, I am happy to explain these different approaches and then to work together with you so you are in complete control of choosing what is right for you throughout the process.


My qualifications, professional memberships and safeguards


I have a BSc honours degree in Psychology, a diploma in counselling [course accredited by BACP] and have trained additionally in CBT, NLP and hypnotherapy. I am a member of BPS [British Psychological Society] and BACP [British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy] and work at all times within BACP ethical guidelines. I have appropriate mandatory supervision and insurance. Please feel free to contact me for any further details.



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